Drania Drane was born and resides in Gëziq, Rrëshen, in a large family of ten siblings.

From an early age, she learned the regional craft of traditional clothing production from her mother and sisters, mastering techniques that include knitting, crochet, and embroidery.

Drane's secondary education focused on agriculture, which provided her with the opportunity to get better acquainted with the use of medicinal and aromatic plants and herbal remedies, a passion that has accompanied her throughout her life alongside her involvement in craftwork. 

Drane is engaged in creating a variety of traditional craftwork, including traditional Mirdita clothing for men and women of all ages - spanning from infancy to adulthood - as well as accessories, such as embroidered belts and felt house shoes for daily use.

Additionally, she creates intricate samples of traditional attire and various embroideries, and markets them in frames as souvenirs and mementos from the region.

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