The region of Mirdita is abundant in natural resources, ancient traditions, history and a wealth of non-material heritage, all of which should be saved from potential neglect, and explored and sustainably conserved instead.

The ‘Cultour Mirdita’ Project aims to get you to know this beautiful and curious region of Albania, as well as to make its discovery easier, thus allowing you to take the first few steps of a fruitful and interesting voyage. We offer three different paths, or itineraries, which will present you with a sample of Mirdita’s impressive touristic and cultural repertoire. 

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The Cultour Mirdita Project encompasses a range of activities:

Mapping of
Cultural Heritage Elements

The creation of database listing all relevant cultural sites in Mirdita, including cultural monuments, artisans, as well as much else besides.


Drafting of the
Guidelines for Public Policies

The drafting of a policy paper with recommendations for the sustainable development of cultural tourism
in the region of Mirdita.

Creation of
Three Itineraries in Mirdita

The ideation of three customized tourism itineraries, in order to better showcase
the rich touristic offer of Mirdita including experiences, heritage and nature.

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This Project is implemented by Art Kontakt and EcoKult.

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ArtKontakt is an Albanian Cultural Center created as a project in Venice, Italy in 2003 and was established in Tirana on December 2007 with the aim of promoting art and culture in Albania.


EcoKult is an organization founded in 2023 with the goal of inspiring and empowering communities to embrace sustainable practices and support creativity.


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