Exhibition “Mirdita in Images”

On January 8 until January 15, in the hall of Europe House, Tirana

Exhibition Inauguration Program

On January 8, the one-week exhibition "Mirdita in Images" was inaugurated at the Europe House, featuring a photographic series by Nadia Abazi, a selection of photographs of characteristic towers of the region, captured from cultural heritage enthusiasts, and the video installation "Saharaja" about the Spaç prison-camp, by interdisciplinary artist Abi Shehu. 


Antique musical instruments from the Mirdita region, part of the rich personal collection of scholar and musicologist Mark Luli, were also presented to the public, along with a variety of beautiful works by Mirdita's artisans and craftsmen. 


The opening ceremony commenced with speeches from several stakeholders of the "CulTour" project: 


· Mr. Albert Melyshi, Mayor of Mirdita. 

· Mr. Hubert Perr, EU Delegation in Albania 

· Mrs. Pamela Lama, UNOPS Albania and Kosovo.

· Mr. Sokol Muça, National Institute of Cultural Heritage Registration.

· Mr. Andi Tepelena, Art Kontakt. 


Photo credits: Nadia Abazi

The exhibition "Mirdita in Photography" contains works in the medium of documented photography by the artist and photographer Nadia Abazi, as well as photographs of the towers of the Mirdita area taken by heritage lovers.

The traditional crafts of Mirdita artisans occupy a special place in this exhibition.

Likewise, ancient musical instruments from the Mirdita area, part of the private collection of the well-known researcher and musicologist Mark Luli.

Furthermore, there are three digital itineraries prepared by guide expert Lytfi Alliu, adapted to graphic maps created by "Trivet".
At the end, the participants were invited to taste the traditional Mirdita gastronomy.

Some of the photographs taken during the Inauguration of the "Mirdita in Photography" Exhibition


Ekspozita Programi upd

Mirdita's Itinerary

A special space is dedicated to the place of collective memory of the Spaçi prison-camp with the video-installation entitled "Saharaja" by the interdisciplinary visual artist, Abi Shehu.



Mirdita's Gastronomy

Address: Europe House, Tiranë