Adelina Adelina was born and raised in the town of Rrëshen. Her curiosity led her to explore the art of crafting flowers, animals, and other decorations through needlework since early childhood. Witnessing her keen interest in this craft, her family gifted her various threads and materials, an embroidery pattern, and the 'two-hundred-(lek)-fabric’, as it was called back then. Adelina quickly acquired the skill and managed to recreate the patterns at a very young age. Simultaneously, at the age of six, she acquired the skill of knitting and successfully fashioned her first sweater for her newborn brother, before reaching the age of nine.


Adelina harbors an additional passion for recycling, which intricately intertwined with her craftsmanship over the course of her career. This inclination arose from the desire to dress tastefully but affordably, and it ultimately evolved into a leisurely pursuit. In 2022, she participated in the 'Eco Fashion Show Albania,' skillfully blending both her passions to craft captivating and sustainable apparel suitable for everyday wear. 

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