The Cultour Mirdita Project encompasses a range of activities:

Mapping of
Cultural Heritage Elements

The creation of database listing all relevant cultural sites in Mirdita, including cultural monuments, artisans, as well as much else besides.


Drafting of the
Guidelines for Public Policies

The drafting of a policy paper with recommendations for the sustainable development of cultural tourism
in the region of Mirdita.

Creation of
Three Itineraries in Mirdita

The ideation of three customized tourism itineraries, in order to better showcase
the rich touristic offer of Mirdita including experiences, heritage and nature.


Trajnime artizanë

Training Session
24th and 25th of September

A two-day training was held for 15 artisans on the transferral of their practical skills, in order to preserve and share Mirdita’s traditional cultural heritage. The training also promoted the exchange of experiences and best practices with successful business owners and industry leaders.

Workshop punëtori

Mentorship Session
14th and 15th of October

Artisans participated in a two-day mentorship session on online communication, where they learned how to make use of the power of online platforms and social media, to promote and advertise their products and services to a larger audience, so as to increase sales.

panair rreshen

Local Artisan Fair
30th of October

The Local Artisan and Craftwork Fair was the first of its kind held in the city of Rrëshen. Craftworkers, and culture and tourism operators came together to showcase their products, with a view towards the development of sustainable tourism in Mirdita.

Ekspozita Mirdita ne Fotografi Tirane

8th-15th of January

The exhibition “Mirdita in Images” included a selection of photographs by Nadia Abazi, the video installation "Saharaja" by Abi Shehu, as well as antique musical instruments from the region and artisanal works from Mirdita’s artisans and craftspeople.


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