The first tour

Natural and Cultural Heritage Route

The first tour is ideal for getting to know some natural treasures and cultural assets of the Mirdita area, as well as history, typical dwellings and outstanding personalities of culture, art and politics, prehistoric rock art, etc. The first part of the route requires the use of vehicles, while the second part involves walking and easy-moderate hiking, which will require suitable clothing, as well as water and snacks.

This itinerary starts from InfoKulla for a overview on the history of the area. There are digital materials, small maps and other resources that get to know you better about the history of the area.
The itinerary starts from the InfoKulla, where there is an opportunity to get to know the history of the area better through digital materials, maps and other resources displayed there.


The journey continues by vehicle to the residence of Abbot Prend Doçi, declared a Category II Cultural Monument. Abbot Doçi was one of the most important personalities of the National Renaissance and the beginning of the 20th century in Albania, who played a major role in important moments of the country's political and cultural developments - especially as regards the Albanian language and literature. He is known as a thinker, poet, publicist, political and cultural activist, founder of the cultural society "Bashkimi" and the Literary Commission, which defined today's Latin alphabet of Albanian. Despite the fact that his authority and influence on contemporary personalities was very great, the outstanding contribution of the Abbot of Mirdita, as well as of many other figures of Catholic prelates, has been studied and little known in Albanian history. Although still inhabited, Abbot Doçi's house is in a dilapidated state. 


Then, the journey continues on the other side of the road, in the city of Rubiku, where it stops at the "Abat Doçi" Cultural Center, where the artistic life is alive and various cultural activities are organized. 


Next, we stop to visit the Church of the Assembly (Monastery) of Rubik or the Church of Redemption, an important monument of architectural cultural heritage in the municipality of Mirdita and in the district of Lezha. The Rubik Monastery Church has been mentioned as a Benedictine abbey since 1166. The building is a church with an east-west oriented nave (apse-main entrance), Norman style, with a cross-shaped layout and a maximum height of 13.86 m , which still serves the faithful today.


After the visit to the Church, the hiking trail begins, of easy-medium level and can be done by visitors of all ages. Along this path, which lasts about two and a half hours, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty, prehistoric art, as well as the castle (old walls and part of old defensive towers, which the inhabitants have named so).

The route ends at the Marubin hotel, where you can have dinner and spend the night.