Mirdita Itineraries

Mirdita is an area rich in natural resources, ancient and well-preserved traditions, history, folklore and non-material wealth, which should not be ignored, but rather discovered, known, looked after and protected. 

The Cultour Mirdita Project aims to get you better acquainted with this rich and preserving region, as well as easing its acquaintance and exploration, enabling you to take the first steps into your own journey in Mirdita. 

Among others, we have created three itineraries, which offer and present some of the manifold touristic opportunities in the area. To begin with, we identified all the landmarks that held interest - whether touristic, cultural or artisanal - and afterwards we built three special itineraries, which we digitalized to make them more accessible. 

Visiting these landmarks and getting acquainted with the various local products, will draw you in to buying them, thus helping local craftwork, as well as letting your friends and family know, so that they too may get to appreciate them. All of the carefully selected landmarks represent both the past and the future of the Mirdita area, which is why we invite you to support them by visiting, tasting and spreading the good word about the area and its product. 

Mirdita is preparing to receive you, by slowly and sustainably developing its agritourism, craftwork and bed-and-breakfasts. She awaits your visit, so that she may welcome you generously and warmly. 

Welcome to Mirdita!

Kulla në Mirditë

  • Kulla e Brozit, Perlat- Kthellë, Mirditë
  • Kulla e Dodajve, Perlat, Mirditë (foto 1)
  • Kodër-Spaç, Mirditë
  • Kulla e Pjetër Gjurës
  • Kulla shekullore e Ndrecë Kacorrit, Lufaj, Selitë, Mirditë
  • Kulla e Zef Dodë Ndrecës, Kodër-Spaç, Mirditë (foto 1)
  • Kulla 200-vjeçare e Kros Gjetë Dukës (Maces), Perlat, Mirditë
  • Kullë shekullore, Bardhaj, Selitë, Mirditë
  • Kulla e Dodajve (foto 2)
  • Kullë 200-vjeçare, Kumbull e Selitës, Mirditë
  • Portiku i një kulle shekullore, Prosek, Mirditë
  • Portiku i një kulle shekullore në Blinisht, Mirditë
  • Kulla e Perlesit, mbi 200-vjeçare, Rubik, Mirditë
  • Kulla shekullore e Mardoçit, Shebë, Mirditë
  • Kulla e Pashajve, Gjocaj, Selitë, Mirditë
  • Kullë shekullore, Livadhes, Kaçinar, Mirditë.
  • Portik kulle, Nënshejt, Orosh, Mirditë.
  • Kulla e Mark Tucit, Bardhaj, Selitë, Mirditë
  • Portiku i Kullës së Gjet Markut, Perlat, Mirditë. (Kulla mban statusit, Monument Kulture i Kategorisë së I-rë.)
  • Kulla e Zef Dodë Ndrecës, Kodër-Spaç, Mirditë (foto 2)
  • Portik kulle shekullore, Blinisht, Mirditë

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