Gjelina Lika

Gjelina was born into a Mirdita family that highly valued the conservation and encouragement of traditional craftsmanship. While her father was a master in crafting çiftelis and other traditional instruments, she developed from a very young age a passion for knitting and crochet - essential skills for creating traditional Mirdita clothing - passed to her by her mother, who herself used to weave rugs and clothes. 

Though retired, Gjelina continues to crochet and knit, as well as the sewing of traditional garments. She does this with the aim of passing down the tradition and craft techniques to future generations, in hopes that her work will serve as an example and foundation upon which a sustainable and long-lasting artisanal model can be built.

Team of the project

Andi Tepelena

Project Manager

Ines Sula

Assistant Project Manager

Era Kraja

Eksperte Kërkimore

Nadia Abazi

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Graphic Design & Illustrations

Vincenzo Ciani


Fioralba Duma

Content Manager

Lyto Alliu

Ekspert Itineraresh

This Project is implemented by Art Kontakt and EcoKult.

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ArtKontakt is an Albanian Cultural Center created as a project in Venice, Italy in 2003 and was established in Tirana on December 2007 with the aim of promoting art and culture in Albania.


EcoKult is an organization founded in 2023 with the goal of inspiring and empowering communities to embrace sustainable practices and support creativity.